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What are China Sourcing Reports?
China Sourcing Reports are in-depth studies by Global Sources that concentrate on specific sourcing industries in greater China.

Each report contains:

  • Industry Overview, which covers:
    • A comprehensive overview of the featured industry, including the latest information on the challenges facing suppliers, export statistics and future growth prospects.
    • An examination of the supplier base highlighting key characteristics of different types of companies.
    • Details of the primary production centers.
    • The latest trends in design, R&D, materials and components.
    • A review of the key factors that influence the price and quality of low-end, midrange and high-end products.
    • Comprehensive pricing tables featuring export price ranges.
  • Supplier Survey
    Results of a custom-designed supplier survey, which forecasts product, price and export trends in the next 12 months.
  • In-depth Supplier Profiles
    These are comprehensive profiles on key suppliers with a look at their manufacturing and export capability. Information is gathered through interviews with senior executives and export managers who discussed their recent performance and provided price, R&D, production and export forecasts for the next 12 months, and thorough research by Global Sources' team of experts. Companies may or may not be paid clients of Global Sources.
  • Product Galleries
    A photo gallery of top-selling export products with information such as supplier and model name, minimum order quantity, key features, and more.
  • Verified Contact Details
    Contact details such as key export contact person, phone and fax numbers, email and business address of all the suppliers featured in the report. This information is verified as at the time of publishing.
  • Easy-to-compare Supplier Tables
    Profiled suppliers' information in tabular format to help compare companies at a glance.

Some reports may also contain:

  • Additional Suppliers
    Contact details and key products of additional suppliers that are not featured in the In-depth supplier section.

To see a list of all our current report titles, please click here.

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What regions do the reports cover?
China Sourcing Reports feature manufacturers from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Aside from China Sourcing Reports, Global Sources is offering Developing Country Sourcing Reports as part of its corporate social responsibility undertakings in partnership with the Hinrich Foundation, a philanthropic development organization whose mission is promoting sustainable global trade. (

Developing Country Sourcing Report series are designed to provide buyers with information on new products from export manufacturers in Southeast Asia that specialize in hand-made merchandises.

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Who creates the China Sourcing Reports?
Global Sources employs a group of experienced researchers in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who conduct onsite factory tours and interview senior managers. Data collected is sent to our editorial offices in Manila for consolidation and publishing.

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How often are China Sourcing Reports updated?
China Sourcing Reports are updated every 12 to 18 months, depending on changes in the particular industry covered.

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What are the benefits of a China Sourcing Report?

  • Identify suppliers that meet your requirements, using easy-to-compare profile tables.
  • Get verified contact details - such as key export contact person, phone and fax numbers, email and business address of all the suppliers featured in the report.
  • Examine different production processes used by small and large companies and see how those differences affect costs and product quality.
  • Obtain insights into key characteristics of different types of companies and details of the primary production centers.
  • Get the best prices possible with up-to-date price guides that you can use as benchmarks in negotiations.
  • Receive updates on leading and emerging supply centers, plus insights into capacity, output and other key industry issues.
  • Gain competitive advantages and increase profits by knowing the latest design trends in your industry before your competitors do.

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What are the differences between China Sourcing Reports and Global Sources Sourcing Magazines?
China Sourcing Reports provide industry-specific market research which brings you inside information on leading manufacturers from greater China that is not available anywhere else.

Global Sources Sourcing Magazines are monthly product-specific sourcing journals that keep buyers updated on the latest products launches and reviews. Detailed product and supplier advertisements comprise over 75% of the magazine content.

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How much does a China Sourcing Report cost?
Depending on the titles, the price of China Sourcing Reports ranges from US$150 - US$495, while the price of Developing Country Sourcing Reports ranges from US$125 - US$150.

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How do I order a China Sourcing Report?

  1. Shopping Cart
    • Click on the "Add to Cart" buttons available on each individual report or category page.
    • To complete your order, proceed to Check Out, fill up the Billing Information form and place your order.
  2. Live Chat
    • Chat online with one of our customer service representatives, and let us complete your order immediately through our live chat service.
  3. Email
  4. Phone
    • Call-in to speak to one of our customer service representatives at our following numbers:
      Singapore - (65) 6547 2800
      USA - 1 (480) 951 4400
  5. Mail / Fax
    • Fill up the order form of the report title(s) that you wish to purchase and click on "Print form".
    • Send the completed form via mail to our mailing address at:
      Global Sources
      c/o Media Data Systems Pte Ltd
      Raffles City PO Box 0203
      Singapore 911707
    • Or fax us at:
      Singapore - (65) 6547 2888
      US & Canada - 1 (480) 951-4197

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How do I make payment for my China Sourcing Report?

  1. Credit Cards
    • We accept American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa.
  2. Bank drafts / Check
    • It must be payable to "Global Sources" and drawn on a US bank located in the USA.

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How long will it take me to get my China Sourcing Report?
If you purchase your report in PDF format, we will e-mail it to you upon confirmation of your payment.

For printed-copy orders sent via air courier, please allow 2-5 business days for delivery after confirmation of your payment.

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