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Our newest reports are ready to help you start making more effective sourcing decisions immediately. In every industry-specific report, you'll find:
 Detailed profiles of verified suppliers, listing important company facts, key sales and output figures
 Each supplier's product and market focus
 Insight into issues and challenges affecting buyers and suppliers
 Essential information on new product and R&D trends
 Price guides featuring export price ranges
 Names and phone numbers of key people to contact in the companies featured

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Report on - Vietnam - Jewelry & Fashion Accessories

Several free-trade agreements between Vietnam and different countries and trade blocs worldwide are boosting the prospects of the domestic jewelry and fashion accessories industry.

Report on - India Home Decor

Responding to the challenges it faces, India’s home decor industry is undertaking measures aimed at enhancing product design and manufacturing equipment.

Report on - Philippines Fashion Accessories

The fashion accessories industry in the Philippines is emphasizing products made of sustainable materials in response to burgeoning demand for environment-friendly items.

Report on - Nepal Fashion Bags

Burgeoning demand for environment-friendly products worldwide is pushing the fashion bags industry in Nepal to increasingly offer models incorporating sustainable natural materials.

Report on - India Fashion Accessories

Despite recording slower growth in 2012-13, the fashion accessories industry is forecast to enjoy sustained development in the coming years because of strong demand for costume jewelry and leather products.

Report on Philippines - Furniture

The furniture industry in the Philippines anticipates favorable prospects in the coming year as the recovery of the US economy results in burgeoning demand.

Report on - Myanmar Garments

Although confronted by several challenges stemming from infrastructural and technological limitations, the garments industry in Myanmar is facing bright prospects over the coming year.

Report on - Vietnam Wicker Baskets

The wicker baskets industry in Vietnam is adopting strategies to boost the management of raw materials and design capability of suppliers.

Report on Myanmar - Wooden Flooring & Decking

Social and economic reforms instituted by the government are driving the growth of the wooden flooring and decking industry in Myanmar. Although exports remain low, suppliers generally forecast outbound shipments to surge in the next few years as trade restrictions imposed locally and overseas are lifted.

Report on India - Gifts & Premiums

Revitalized demand from traditional markets in the West is driving the growth of the gifts and premiums industry in India. Over the past three years, revenue from product segments comprising the sector has been steadily rising largely because of improving economic conditions in these destinations.