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China Sourcing Reports are among the most reputable and useful research reports available on how to do business more effectively with China suppliers. See what people are saying about how China Sourcing Reports have helped them.

Thomaz Machado "China Sourcing Reports have helped us to focus our search in China and give our clients the best answers about suppliers potential." Ridas Matonis "CSRs are good, time saving, cost efficient and have very interesting additional information needed for sourcing."
Thomaz Machado
ChinaInvest Consulting - Brazil
Ridas Matonis
Timelinks Technologies - Canada

Kenneth Palmestal
Managing Director
SoundRacer AB - Sweden

"China Sourcing Report for Car MP3 Player gave me an important market overview in my search for a qualified manufacturer for my latest invention SoundRacer. The report contained valuable information that helped me take the right decisions and speed up time to market. SoundRacer is now produced by a quality company in Shenzhen.

Thank you for providing a good service."

Toyo Murohashi
ASEAN Sourcing Manager
Cobra Electronics HK Ltd - Hong Kong

"The report was good, providing us with some of the information we were not aware of despite having been in this industry for so long."

Arun Pabuwal
Arun Tableware Pvt Ltd - India

"The report is quite helpful - especially for the first timers venturing into a new business to get a good overview of the industry."

Ali Ozdemir
San ve Tic Ltd - Turkey

"The reports are very rich in content and provide a very comprehensive overview of the industry."

Oscar Wong
Purchasing Manager
Oasia Industrial Co Ltd - Hong Kong

"It's a good report because it provides an overview of the industry."

Madrona Marcet
Hub Limited - Hong Kong

"I found the reports utterly useful and beneficial in helping me source more effectively and efficiently."

Nikolay Smirnov
Chief Executive Director
Elekon-Service Company Ltd - Russia

"We are very happy with the China Sourcing Reports. We have been using them to get many contacts and in-depth information about the China industry. We have successfully placed orders and will continue to do so."

Mikko Toykkala
General Manager
Suomen Taksidata Oy - Finland

"It's a good source for contacts. It's worth the money."

Chu Wing Fai Cory
Assistant Sourcing Manager
Newellrubbermaid - Hong Kong

"We managed to find suppliers from the report and it is useful to our business."

Chris Gurry
Business Development Director
CML Microsystems Plc - London

"CML has purchased a number of Global Sources China Sourcing Reports specific to Far-Eastern marketing activities. We found the content to be detailed and accurate - something we were able to verify independently, as some of the suppliers listed were already known to us. I would have no hesitation in recommending China Sourcing Reports to companies or individuals wanting to gain a rapid knowledge of suppliers for specific products within China."

Tatjana Ljustina
Purchasing Dept.
Alarm Automatika Doo - Croatia

"The reports are very useful and helpful for us. They're very good sourcing tools."

Andreas Fleige
Electronics GmbH & Co KG - Germany

"This report has been useful and is a good reference material for us."

Massimo Melchiorre
Ticketeria SRL - Italy

"This report has been useful for our business needs."

Paul Wagner
Senior Buyer
CPP International, LLC - USA

"The report is informative and helpful to our sourcing needs."

Lisa McAskill
Viva La Diva - USA

"This report has been very helpful and very resourceful for us."

Adam Chang
Saint Goban Building Distribution China - China

"This is a good reference material."

Claudia Rosso
Osama S.p.A. - Italy

"We found your China Sourcing Reports very well done and very helpful for our job."