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Report on China - Car Electronics
Car Electronics Aug 2012

China's car electronics industry is strengthening its global position, with function integration and value-added specifications as the key factors driving sales. The line is moving upmarket as more manufacturers develop models for the midrange and high-end sectors to buoy profit margins.

Report on China - Camping & Outdoor Gear

China's camping and outdoor gear suppliers are bracing for several challenges in the months ahead. Foremost among their concerns is how to maintain competitive prices without risking profitability. Increases in manufacturing outlay and the appreciation of the yuan are putting pressure on margins, forcing companies to raise quotes and take the chance that clients may source elsewhere.

Report on China - Jewelry & Watches

Significant shifts are in store for China’s jewelry and watches industry in line with efforts to reinvigorate business.

Report on China - Computer Accessories

China's computer accessories industry continues to grow, spurred by the robust PC market. The auxiliary sector is projected to realize a 15 to 20 percent boost in output value this year. In 2011, the figure hit more than $30 billion. By volume, the projected yield will still represent 90 percent of the global total, securing the country’s hub status for the line.

Report on China - Solar Panels & Power Systems

Amid the market contraction in the EU, the past year saw several small and midsize suppliers of solar panels and power systems in China shifting to other product lines. A number have shut down completely. Among large enterprises, some reported significant cuts in net profit.

Report on China - Portable Digital Devices

China's portable digital device industry faces several challenges as its previously key export destinations now record lower shipments, prompting manufacturers to rethink business strategies to remain competitive.

Report on China - Apparel
Apparel Jun 2012

A challenging export situation awaits China's apparel industry, with key markets experiencing financial difficulties and local manufacturers struggling to keep prices competitive amid elevated costs.

Report on China - Fashion Accessories

Suppliers of fashion accessories in China are facing a slew of challenges, dampening growth opportunities in the industry this year.

Report on China - Home Entertainment

China continues to solidify its status as the world's largest manufacturing base for home entertainment products. Output and exports are expected to remain stable or rise this year. Makers are exploring opportunities in emerging markets to cover for the shortfall in demand from major destinations Europe and North America.

Report on Vietnam - Footwear

Exports of footwear made in Vietnam have been steadily increasing in recent years as a result of sustained investment from well-known labels. Working with local subcontractors, these large shoe companies consider Vietnam a cost-effective sourcing center because of low labor expenditure and strong OEM capability.